Wettbewerbe | 2006 | New York, USA

W0605 New York

Roosevelt Island, Ideenwettbewerb in offenem Verfahren, 2. Preis

New York, USA
ARGE mit Oliver Brandenberger & Stefan Buehrer
The reflection is about boundaries, about creating a place where intuition prevails. The intervention on Southpoint offers a defining identity, a random light installation for a new era, where all the needed program is held in given structures, liberating Southpoint and generating a pristine and blank public space. Southpoint’s new sky is made out of a vertical grid composed of metallic poles, regular and precise, bright and shiny at night, rigorous and scarfed at daytime. The public podium as wooden platform contains all program, and allows a direct water access. The universal arts centre is in the ruin, part of the site’s memory and process of creation.

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